The Financing Guide Step 2 - Preliminary Terms for Your Subject Property

Pricing is where the rubber meets the road! In this phase, we gather some simple investor details from you – your name, estimated FICO, experience, and key financials about the subject property. This allows us to provide you with preliminary terms, all without pulling your FICO score. It's a easy and simple way to understand your potential financing options.

3/10/20241 min read

Why is it Important?

Your time is valuable, and so is getting a quick snapshot of your potential terms. Pricing is the bridge between curiosity and clarity, helping you gauge the feasibility of your real estate goals. By sharing these initial details, you empower us to craft a tailored estimate that aligns perfectly with your unique needs.

What Gets Accomplished?

During the Pricing phase, we deliver preliminary terms for your subject property. This gives you a head start on your planning and also ensures that you're well-informed before moving forward. No surprises, just straightforward insights to guide your decisions.

woman using laptop while sitting on chair
woman using laptop while sitting on chair