The Financing Guide - Title & Insurance Tips

Today, I want to share some insider tips that can make your journey even smoother – let's talk Title & Property Insurance.

3/11/20241 min read

a house made out of money on a white background
a house made out of money on a white background

Monthly Bliss with Insurance:

Did you know some coverage plans allow you to pay monthly instead of dropping the whole annual premium at closing? It's like having a flexible payment plan tailored for savvy investors like yourself. No big upfront costs – just smooth sailing.

Title's Sneak Peek:

Ever wish you could see a preview of your closing costs before the grand finale? Enter Title. They can whip up a preliminary closing HUD (Hud-What?) – a nifty snapshot of estimated closing costs. Think real estate city and county fees, taxes – the whole shebang. While we can provide lending costs on the financing side, Title gives you the front-row view of all costs associated with closing.

Why it Matters:

Sure, we're all about big dreams and closing deals, but staying in the know about Title and Insuring can be your secret weapon. It's not just about the what, but the how – how to manage costs, how to plan for payments, and how to navigate the intricate details that ultimately safeguard your asset during renovations or while holding long term as a rental by protecting your monthly rental stream.